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Root Canal Therapy


When decay in a tooth becomes very deep, pain and infection can result.

We offer gentle procedures to eliminate the infection and to save your tooth. Without treatment, infection and abscesses can form on the tissues surrounding your teeth.

If you have an infected tooth it can be very uncomfortable and you should contact us immediately so your problem will not get worse.

Damage to the nerve and pulp can come from decay, large fillings, cracks or chips in a tooth and even trauma to your face.


  • A tooth's color darkens
  • You experience severe tooth discomfort when chewing
  • Gum tissue near a tooth is swollen, sensitive or pimpled
  • Heightened and prolonged hot or cold sensitivity
  • Nerve damage and other side effects

A tooth's nerve function provides sensory responses to hot and cold temperatures. The removal of the nerve does not affect the primary functions of the tooth. When a tooth's nerve or pulp is damaged, bacteria can form in the tooth — causing infection identified by various symptoms, including bone loss around the root, swelling of your face or drainage into your gums.


Sometimes it is necessary to control the tooth infection with antibiotics before a root canal can be done, this will insure that the root canal can be done very gently and with very little discomfort.

Our root canal Doctors are very experienced and most patients report that the root canal was a painless procedure. Generally root canals can be done in one appointment.

Once a root canal is completed, your tooth will become slightly more weakened. For this reason it will be necessary to place a crown over the tooth to insure that the tooth becomes stronger and to protect against possible fracture of the tooth.


Your tooth may feel slightly sensitive for the first several days after your root canal, especially if your tooth was infected. Typically, any discomfort resulting from the root canal can be controlled with ordinary over-the-counter medications. Once the crown is placed, you will be able to eat and chew normal for many years.

To learn more about our root canal dentists or to request an appointment, please contact us here or call our office directly at 248.681.8100.


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