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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Dr. Taylor's Family Dental Center

Cosmetic & General Dentistry & Implant Specialist, Periodontist, and Oral Surgeon located in Waterford, MI

A gorgeous smile is one that looks bright and healthy. If you’re struggling with yellow, lackluster teeth, Marvin Taylor, DDS, and the team at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center offer teeth whitening at their office in Waterford, Michigan. Laser teeth whitening is a quick treatment that provides instant results without causing sensitivity. For a brighter, whiter smile that you love showing off, call Dr Taylor’s Family Dental Center, or book an appointment online today.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

What is teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening removes both extrinsic (superficial) and intrinsic stains — those that develop deep within — from your teeth. While over-the-counter (OTC) solutions are effective at resolving surface stains, they can’t penetrate the deeper layers of your teeth like professional whitening can.

Why would I need teeth whitening?

As you age, your teeth naturally lose their bright, white color. There are many reasons this happens over time, such as:

Food and drinks

Foods like soy sauce, red pasta sauce, curry, and berries can stain your teeth, as do drinks like red wine, coffee, and tea.

Tobacco use

The nicotine and tar in tobacco products, such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco, can stain your teeth and give them a brownish-yellow appearance.


Certain medications and medical treatments, such as antibiotics and chemotherapy, can change the color of your teeth.


Enamel is the hard layer on the surface of your teeth that protects the softer dentin underneath. While enamel keeps your teeth bright, if you naturally have thinner enamel due to genetics, it can expose the darker dentin underneath.


Your enamel naturally thins as you age, revealing the darker, yellowish dentin that lies beneath it.

What are the different types of teeth whitening?

Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center offers two different types of teeth whitening:

ZOOM!® teeth whitening

ZOOM! is a teeth whitening treatment that uses hydrogen peroxide and accelerated light therapy to remove stains from deep within your teeth. In one visit, ZOOM! can brighten your smile by up to eight shades. This quick, painless treatment is a great option for those who want to whiten their teeth in the shortest amount of time. 

EPIC™ teeth whitening

EPIC is a laser teeth whitening solution that can remove 6-12 shades of stains from your teeth. What makes EPIC treatments unique is you only have to keep the whitening gel on your teeth for 20 minutes at a time, making them the ideal choice for those who have sensitive teeth or gums.

To find out the right teeth whitening treatment for your smile, call Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center, or schedule an appointment online today.