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Marvin Taylor, DDS

Cosmetic & General Dentist located in Waterford, MI

About Dr. Taylor

Marvin Taylor, DDS, is a cosmetic and general dentist with his own private practice located in Waterford, Michigan. At Dr. Taylor's Family Dental Center, Dr. Taylor offers high-quality dental services at affordable prices. 

Dr. Taylor graduated from the University of Detroit School of Dentistry and has extended his education with many hours of continued education each year. This additional training affords him the ability to stay current and up to date on the most advanced dental techniques and equipment.

Dr. Taylor's areas of expertise include crowns, bridges, dentures, TMJ, chronic headaches, and cosmetic dentistry. He also has a particular interest in smile enhancements and has completed many cosmetic cases, including full mouth makeovers. He also recently completed an extreme dental makeover for WXYZ Detroit Channel 7.

For Dr. Taylor, working in the field of cosmetic dentistry is very rewarding as he can help give his patients the smiles they deserve. Due to his keen skills, it is not unusual for someone to travel from across the ocean to seek his care. 

As a highly-respected dentist, Dr. Taylor has authored numerous publications regarding tension headaches and stress. He also maintains professional affiliations with several organizations, including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Direct Selling Association, the Transcendental Meditation Society, and the American Management Association. 

In addition to practicing dentistry, Dr. Taylor is also a student of Chi Kung.