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What You Always Wanted to Know About Snap-On Smile®

What You Always Wanted to Know About Snap-On Smile®

What if you could transform your smile without needles, drilling, or prolonged treatment, and without altering your natural teeth in any way? Sounds almost too good to be true — but that’s what a Snap-On Smile® can do for you.

As a trusted cosmetic dentist in Waterford, Michigan, Marvin Taylor, DDS, offers the Snap-On Smile system for patients of all ages at Dr Taylor’s Family Dental Center, correcting flaws and improving smile aesthetics. Here’s how a Snap-On Smile could transform your smile — in just two office visits!

Snap-On Smiles: The basics

Sometimes referred to as snap-on veneers, the Snap-On Smile is a removable dental arch that’s designed to slip over your natural teeth. Unlike veneers and crowns that require your teeth to be shaped prior to application, the Snap-On Smile doesn’t alter your natural teeth, and it’s easily removable, so you can wear it only when you want to.

Only available from a licensed dentist like Dr. Taylor, Snap-On Smile can correct an array of cosmetic flaws, including: 

Your Snap-On Smile will be customized to your needs and goals, giving you a dazzling smile you can be proud of.

The device itself is made of a special dental resin that’s durable, natural-looking, and extremely thin. Each Snap-On Smile hugs the natural contours of your teeth for a comfortable, secure fit.

The Snap-On Smile process: What to expect

One of the best things about Snap-On Smile is that you can enjoy your new smile after just two visits. At the first visit, Dr. Taylor takes an impression of your teeth. The impression is sent to a dental lab where it serves as a model or mold for your new device.

At your second appointment, Dr. Taylor applies your Snap-On Smile and adjusts it for a perfect, comfortable fit. He also reviews the best way to care for your new device and helps you practice putting your Snap-On Smile in place and taking it out again. The entire process is completely painless. Even if you have dental anxiety, the Snap-On Smile could be a great solution for you.

Caring for your new smile is simple, too, using the special cleaning solution provided with your Snap-On Smile. While you can eat and drink with the device in place, it’s a good idea to avoid very hard or sticky foods to avoid damaging the device. Limiting coffee, tea, red wine, and other foods and drinks with dark pigments can help prevent staining, too.

Get a beautiful, confident smile with Snap-On Smile

With proper care, your new Snap-On Smile can last for two years or more. Better still, if your device becomes damaged or stained, we can create a new one, so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful, confident smile.

To learn more about the Snap-On Smile system and how it can improve your smile aesthetics, call 248-681-8100 or book an appointment online at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center today.

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